What To Do When Suffering From Mask-Induced Acne

Face masks are now a part of our daily routine, and unequivocally slow the  spread of air-bourne viruses. However the friction of the fabric, combined with trapped warm humidity is increasing cases of acne mechanic leading to clogged pores, skin-barrier breakdown, cystic acne, blemishes, pigmentation and micro-abrasions. Not only does this friction lead to inflammation and irritation, but it could also break down the delicate skin barrier,Read Now

Get Growing Without A Garden

Plant benefits are countless; the love of watching a seed grow into a beautiful bloom, the satisfaction of eating your own produce, the health benefits that greenery bring to the mind and body. Yet being a plant parent requires no garden, and getting your green thumbs on can be done in the smallest of places if your pressed for outdoor space. Celebrating National Gardening Week,Read Now

Let’s Maximise Microbiomes: Promoting The Skin’s Natural Bacteria

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On first glances, the ‘microbiome’ might not exactly sound like something you want to look for when you’re trying to optimise skin health, but this little known natural occurrence is an important part of your overall health and well-being.  The microbiome is a collection of microorganisms or a mix of bacteria and fungi species found living on the skin’s surface, which works to keep the skinRead Now

Skin Microbiome: Why We Need Some Dirt on Our Faces

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Skin microbiome describes the mix of bacteria, yeasts, and parasites that live on our skin, as well as our nose, trachea and gut – these parasites are closely linked to weight, mental health, autoimmune health and various other health problems.  Microbiome has become the latest trending word in the beauty world in recent months. The skin microbiome changes depending on our location and climate, theRead Now