Stress and Skin Connection

Stress is a full 360-degree assault on the mind, body and soul – and quite often we see the results first hand on our skin.  April marks Stress Awareness Month, and whether its work, home or simply life in general, chronic stress can take a toll on skin health, causing signs of fatigue, dark circles, promoting acne, redness and wreaking havoc with texture. As theRead Now

There is a secret to skin perfection. The key is exfoliation.

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The correct type of exfoliation can lead to visibly brighter and healthier-younger looking skin. The incorrect type of exfoliation can damage, irritate and lead to sensitivity. Read on for my tips and hit “like” & “share” if you enjoyed what you read. The process of exfoliation is all about removing dead skin cells from the surface of the epidermis. By removing these dead cells, exfoliationRead Now