Skincare Trends for 2020

In this editorial, take a closer look at the skincare secrets that you will be hearing and seeing from beauty editors to influencers in 2020, and understand why Antonia Burrell Holistic Skincare is always a trend-setter and never a follower. Microbiome: Essentially an โ€˜eco-system of organismsโ€™ of the skin, the microbiome is enjoying a moment in the skincare spotlight. There are unique lipids the skinRead Now

LIFT, CONTOUR & SCULPT for Christmas, Party season and beyond

Skin is an immensely complex organ but essentially, it has some basic needs. Firstly, skin needs to be thoroughly yet delicately cleansed, secondly, it needs to be both hydrated and nourished. During this winter season that are filled with festivities โ€“ gloriously late nights and delicious overindulgence, your skin is often the first to visibly take the toll, becoming prone to problematic, lack-lustre, stressed andRead Now